Lutheran Homes Village Palmerston North

33 Architecturally Designed Self Contained Rental Units

For Senior Citizens




The philosophy of the Lutheran Homes Trust Board is to provide modern self-contained rental accommodation specifically designed to meet the needs of Senior Citizens.


Each occupant is encouraged to be independent, but supportive of a caring community.





The rental for a single unit is set at $96 per week.


Rentals are generally reviewed every 12 months from 1 July.



Who Is Eligible To Apply For A Unit?


Senior Citizens, irrespective of race or creed, are eligible to apply for a rental unit if:


     *   They are 60 years of age and over

     *   They have a genuine housing need


Applicants will be required to provide details of their financial assets excluding car, furniture and personal effects and this information may be used to allocate vacant units.


The Lutheran Village Senior Citizen units are NOT just for Lutherans. Any Senior Citizen who meets the criteria stated above is eligible to apply for a unit.



What Is A Senior Citizen Unit?


The Senior Citizen units owned by the Lutheran Village are architecturally designed, self-contained units 39m2 in dimension. They allow residents privacy and independence.


There are 33 units in the complex. The majority of the units are single, but there are two double units, which are slightly larger and suitable for married couples.


The units are carpeted and drapes are provided. The facilities within the unit have been specifically designed to cater for the needs of Senior Citizens.


Each unit has a lounge area, a separate bedroom, a "full sized kitchen" and a combined laundry / shower room.


Outside the back door there is a lockable storage cupboard. (Please refer to plan in "Photos").





The Lutheran Homes Trust Board carries out the administration of the Lutheran Village. The Trust Board is independent of the Manawatu Lutheran Parish, although most of the Trustees are communicant members of the Church.


Trust Board members and members of the Manawatu Lutheran Parish are happy and prepared to provide support to the residents as and when required.



Areas Of Responsibility


The Trust Board is responsible for the interior and exterior maintenance of all units. A maintenance programme is undertaken to ensure that a high standard is maintained. The Trust Board is responsible for the maintenance of extensive lawns and gardens, which provide a park-like setting for the units.


Most tenants are happy to tend a small back or front garden in which they grow flowers and vegetables.



No Pets Allowed





The Lutheran Homes scheme was conceived, investigated and researched by Members of the Congregation of St Luke's Lutheran Church, Palmerston North, established in 1882.





In 2004 the Trust Board received an Award as Residential Trust for the year from the New Zealand Trustees Association.





The Lutheran Village is build on land situated at the end of Matipo Street, running through to Tremaine Avenue, Palmerston North on the north eastern side of the city.


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