Lutheran Homes Village Palmerston North

Lutheran Homes Trust Board



February 1976


St Lukes Congregation discussed the possibility of future "Social Projects" including Homes or Flats for the Aged.


April 1977


Jens Petersen offers to gift a site in Matipo Street, Palmerston North.


December 1977


A further section of land purchased from Jens Petersen fronting Tremaine Avenue.


Stage 1 (15 senior citizens rental units approved by St Lukes Lutheran Church Congregation).


March 1978


Inaugural Meeting of Trustees.


May 1978


Trust Deed for Lutheran Homes Trust Board signed.


July 1978


Contract let for Stage 1 (15 senior citizens rental units) with Ian Dickson Ltd.


Finance / Grants provided by Housing Corporation.


July 1979


First Units occupied.


August 1981


Contract for Stage II - 5 Units let to R E Henn Ltd.


Finance / Grants provided by Housing Corporation.


June 1986


"Olliver Property" purchased at 460 Tremaine Avenue.


August 1986


"McGrath Property" purchased at 480 Tremaine Avenue.


September 1986


Tender accepted from Olliver Building Services Ltd to build 6 units on the "McGrath Property". (Stage III).


Finance / Grants provided by Housing Corporation.


July 1988


The "Great Flood", the Village was evacuated for a short period of time.


March 1990


Further flooding.


February 1991


The Olliver property was sold and a Home Unit and adjacent land at 462 Tremaine Avenue was purchased.


February 1992


Contract let with Colspec Construction Ltd for 3 Units at 462 Tremaine Avenue (Stage IV).


August 1995


Mortgage financing re-arranged with BNZ.


September 1999.


Adjacent property, 60 Matipo Street purchased.


September 2000


Investigations re developing 60 Matipo Street start, including reference to providing a Community Room.


March 2001


A plaque was unveiled to acknowledge the Petersen Family gift of the land.


October 2003


Government announces the establishment of a Housing Innovation Fund (administered by Housing NZ Corporation) to facilitate new social housing.


Plans for 60 Matipo Street were developed and funding through the Housing Innovation Fund was investigated.


March 2004


Unit 74 Matipo Street converted to a Community Room.


June 2004


Funding offer from Housing Innovation Fund accepted to enable 5 x single Senior Citizen Rental Units to proceed on 60 Matipo Street site.


August 2004


Community Room opened.


October 2004


A contract was let with Avenue Construction Ltd (P Round) to erect 5 x single Senior Citizen's Units on 60 Matipo Street.


The New Zealand Trustees Association awards the Residential Trust of the year to the Lutheran Homes Trust Board.


June 2005


New Residents move into 60A - F Matipo Street.


June 2007


The Lutheran Homes Trust Board (Inc) registered as a Charity No CC10501 with Charities Commission.


October 2009


30th Anniversary celebrated at a Church Service attended by Residents, their families, Civic Dignitaries, Former and Current Trustees and members of the Manawatu Lutheran Parish.


August 2012


A contract was let with Avenue Construction Ltd (P Round) to extend the Community Room.


January 2013


Community Room opened and dedicated by Pastor Mark Whitfield, President of the Lutheran Church of New Zealand.




In 2018 The Lutheran Homes Trust Board were a finalist in the Manawatu TrustPower Volunteer of the year contest.