Lutheran Homes Village Palmerston North

Lutheran Homes Trust Board

Statement Of Intent



Vision Statement


To give glory to God through Service to Senior Citizens / the Elderly.


Mission Statement


Providing a Christian housing environment for Senior Citizens / the Elderly.




We are a Christian organisation.


We are a caring Ministry.


We provide modern self-contained rental accommodation specially designed to meet the needs of Senior Citizens / the Elderly.


We respect the Resident's and their individual rights.


Strategic Objectives


To be responsive to the needs of Senior Citizens / the Elderly and our community.


The Trust Board will seek to encourage the Resident's to a close personal relationship with Jesus Christ whilst respecting the rights of the individual.


The Trust Board will act as a good Steward of the assets entrusted to it.


Units will be allocated on the basis of need not creed or race.


Resident's are encouraged to be independent but supportive of a caring community.


The Trust Board will work to ensure, as far as is practical, support of that caring community.


The Trust Board will always respect the individual rights of each Resident.


The Trust Board to maintain a programme of maintenance to ensure an ongoing high standard within the Village.


Rents to be maintained at levels comparable with other providers and affordable for our Resident's.